Queseria la Antigua

A “new-old” way to make sheep cheese: Queseria la Antigua

Castile’s steppe is a treasure chest of a secular tradition: the sheep milk. Hundred and hundred of kilometres of these lands were crossed by sheep flocks in centuries: that’s way when you drink the milk or you taste the Zamorano cheese – it means made in Zamora near Salamanca – you can savor the history of the sheep-farming of this region. 


Kaataa today wants to make you know the history of Fernando Fregeneda and Jesus Cruz. When in 1994, Fernando, a shepherd by vocation, and Jesus, an expert in the dairy industry, decided to unite their passion for sheep’s milk, Gestión Agro Ganadera, S.L was born. Their goal wasn’t only to sales sheep milk but also to improve and to make grow the marketing of the sheep milk cheese. Their force is to use digital marketing, technology and new media-languages to achieve more audience and to let the world come closer to their cheese. 

They have three keys to “sting” the people. The first is the education.The project in fact was born by the hand of the University of Salamanca. They go to visit primary schools and catering schools with the objective of educate and spread the cheese culture to the young generations. This is their way to get closer to new potential customers. The second is to work side by side to their customers: chefs, cookers, etc.. to show them all the possibilities that a quality sheep. The third is to create events and sharing moments: to increase awareness of their core values and mission.

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It’s good to know the strategy of a company but…it’s better to know their cheeses now!

First of all, to make people approach slowly to the taste of sheep milk here you are “Queso Mezcla 50% Oveja 50% Vaca El Antiguo de Castilla” with half milk of cow and half of sheep that gives in the mouth a characteristic flavor of nuts and dried fruit. When you mouth is getting used to the sheep taste it’s time to approach the “Vellon de Fuentesauco range”, a selection of pure, raw and bright sheep milk cheese. Here you can find the soul of the Castilia steppe with flavours that goes from the butter to the cutted hay until the vegetables or the olive oil. It’s an explosion of the arid, sunny, wild mediterranean pastures. 

It’s time to run across new footpaths of the taste and to know new realities and possibilities that our beautiful world give to us all. It’s time not to stay anchored to Parmigiano.

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