RoadTrip#1, a journey into Italian Wine

The journey of two young wine lovers to discover the new Italian winemaking realities

RoadTrip # 1, as the name implies, is an on the road journey in collaboration between two wine lovers: Andrea Zigrossi (@trotterwine), one of the most influential sommeliers in Italy, and Gilbert Bages (@drinkinmoderation), among the most acclaimed photographers in the wine sector.

The trip will start on July 25th, lasting 15 days, in which they will travel by car through seven Italian regions, for over 2,000 km, in search of the most evocative sceneries and new wine-making realities.

During this tour they will give voice to 7 wineries, selected for each region, whose names we will only discover during the journey.

They will introduce us to every aspect of these wineries: their history, behind-the-scenes work and, above all, their renowned wines.

Each Winery will host them for 2 days, creating a real wine experience that they will share on their social channels, to which Kaataa will act as a sounding board, giving full support.

The project is really fresh and innovative, a direct and true social story of what happens in some of the best Italian wineries, symbol of their respective territories. This #RoadTrip will allow us to discover products, stories and understand in which direction the Italian wine production and market is moving, without filters in all its genuineness.

We invite you to keep an eye on these two winelovers, there will be fun! We are sure… so, let the journey begin!


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