Safe Tan

What to do and what to eat for a super safe tan!

It’s time for some vacation, sun and sea. Time to protect your skin and avoid unpleasant drawbacks. First of all, are you about to go on holiday? Where will you go? Are you ready to spend some days at the seaside, on some lush mountain, or in some lively city … wherever you go there will be tons of sun, so here is some information so that we can protect ourselves with some common sense. 

Let’s start from the benefits of the sun, which it has, despite everything: it allows for the transformation of vitamin D into its active form, the D£, which is the basis of the cure against rickets and osteoporosis. 

In order for this to happen, it is sufficient to expose yourself for 15 minutes a day. It also improves the symptoms of psoriasis, promotes muscle relaxation, improves mood and influences the metabolism: exposure to the sun stimulates the natural production of melatonin during the night, improving the quality of sleep.

Now that I’ve told you about the benefits, let’s move on to the critical points! 

Prolonged exposure without protection, and during the hottest hours, can have as an immediate consequence the development of erythema, hives and burns. Discomforts are generally reversible and easily resolved with adequate care but should NOT be underestimated! While “we are lucky” that these effects can be resolved soon, on the other hand we have delayed effects, such as brown spots, thickening of the skin, premature ageing and transformation of a mole into melanoma…


I would like to give you some foresight, dear readers, so that you can expose yourself without any worries. 

  • Prepare the skin, with a nice scrub, to eliminate dead cells (effective and lasting tan).
  • For the first week use a SPF 50+ sunscreen (light skin type) and 30+ (dark skin type).
  • From the second week on you can use a lower protection but never go below the SPF 15: this is because, even if tanned, the skin must be protected from the damages caused by UVA rays.


Did you also know that a healthy tan can also be achieved at the table?

In the daily diet, include foods rich in vitamin A or its precursors (peaches, apricots, watermelon, melon, cherries, spinach, broccoli, peppers, tomatoes and radicchio). You can also consume milk, yogurt, calamari, fresh tuna and eggs.

Don’t forget the vitamin C, which protects the capillaries and regulates the production of melanin, consuming strawberries, kiwi, hot pepper, and green leafy vegetables !.

And finally, take vitamin E, from olive oil, basil, mint, bananas, soy, egg yolk and wheat germ.

Drink plenty of water, at least two litres a day, hydration is essential for the elasticity of the skin!

Happy holiday… See you soon !


Claudia Cecere

Sky blue eyes, platinum blonde hair and gray, lips that are not very fleshy.
Comfortable shoes, jeans and colorful socks and non-designer bags.
Juventus heart, sporting from birth, illnesses and daily ailments.
Nails strictly with enamel, massages.
I like white, wood and DIY.

I love cooking, eating well and taking care of myself.
I like things that taste of earth, oats, dried fruit butters and raspberries.
Curry, curcuma, ginger, soy sauce, coconut, chicken and rice.

A few years ago I decided to take my life in hand and dedicate myself to my biggest dream: cooking!
Here comes the FIT BAKERY: an artisan shop where you can buy healthy and tasty homemade products. A place where to make healthy cooking that helps people feel better … with taste!


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