Satisfying spring soups

Invigorate yourself with seasonal soups

With the arrival of the summer season, the markets come alive with an embarrassing variety of fruit and vegetables. Some people think that soups are only a winter dish, but it’s time to dispel that myth. The vegetables available are great sources of nutrients and also a different idea for an alternative lunch break. Every country has its own recipe, so let’s take a look at some of them together.

In Italy, especially in the center and south, Vignarola is very popular in the spring. This is a traditional Roman soup, whose main ingredients are artichokes, broad beans and guanciale, which is always present in the Lazio tradition. The origin of this dish is not well defined. Some say that the Vignarola derives from the fact that vegetables were grown in the vineyards, while others attribute its etymology to the vignaroli, those who sold vegetables in the markets. The only thing that is certain is that it is a soup of peasant origin and that makes the most of the first fruits of the season. Richer is the Tuscan version called Garmugia, which also features veal.

“Miso soup tends to be associated with cold weather, but by adding spring ingredients to the preparation, a fresh and tasty version is ready”.

By combining shitake mushrooms, lemongrass and pak choi, you can create a dish that will impress diners with its lightness. Pak choi belongs to the cabbage family, but unlike the others, it can also be grown in spring and summer. Lemongrass, or lemongrass, is a popular vegetable in Asian cuisine and is used to add freshness with its characteristic lemon aroma.

“A little trip to Spain to find out how to prepare salmorejo, a cold soup typical of Andalusia. Just a few simple ingredients for an impressive result”.

Just tomatoes, garlic, dry bread, oil, vinegar, salt and a blender. Not to be confused with gazpacho, which is much less dense and has a stronger taste. This soup is served with hard-boiled eggs and jamon serrano, the Spanish ham. It can be enjoyed on its own or accompanied by meatballs or croquettes.

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Pho is the typical soup of Vietnam and although it is drunk hot, using spring ingredients, it is very fresh. It is the meeting of Asian and French consommé cultures. It is always served with noodles. Flavoring the broth with prawns, ginger, turnip tops and garnishing with freshly blanched agretti will give an exceptional result. A street food dish, but one that is conquering even the most demanding kitchens and elegant restaurants.


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