Stefania Corrado

Stefania Corrado, economy and food!

The first time I “produced” happiness was in kindergarten, where I saw my first bi-color cookies baking. Then life took different directions. Choices of study, career, office work, but the smell of those cookies was still very present…so, with a pinch of recklessness, I left everything in honor of my true calling: I literally rolled up my sleeves and decided to pursue the happiness.

My life is full of different ingredients, I was among the first to introduce the social eating phenomenon in Italy and to open a blog related to the world of cooking. I believe that conviviality is the basis of cooking and social eating is really a fun social experiment for those who are part of it. I have curated advertising campaigns at an international level as a home economist, and now I am a versatile consultant in the food sector.

Many tools are needed to undertake a journey into the world of food and catering. I have acquired them all over the years and I decided to make them available to those who want to start this journey or perfect their skills. I’ve combined two seemingly distant worlds, economy and food. This fusion of skills has allowed me to grow quickly because today the world of food is not just cooking and is no longer an exclusively male world. There is no competition between women and men in the kitchen, in operations the man is stronger, but in terms of precision and organization we women are unbeatable and more organized!

This is the reason why I organize professional training courses dedicated to professionals but also to those who have decided to change course and devote themselves to cooking. During my courses I draw inspiration from my personal experience, which goes beyond the culinary one, because I believe that our work goes well beyond the stove.

Moreover, for several years I have been teaching in professional and university courses at the Food Genius Academy (Food cost and catering management, Personal chef & Concept catering) and at the first level master’s degree in LUMSA food and wine services in Sicily (Marketing in the agri-food sector and techniques of sales and strategy and competitive market).

Another great passion that I cultivated is the one of writing and continuously searching for suggestions that can help people in the kitchen. My first book “Da uno a infinito” was published in 2015, while its second publication “La Rivoluzione del Gusto”, a bilingual edition for Mondadori (November 2017) brings to light a new use of kitchen extraction, literally revolutionizing the world of cooking bases and bases and teaching cooking in a way healthier, faster and tastier. Since the challenges never end, a new and original project will soon be released, which I really care about and it’s called “La cucina italiana reloaded”. It is an audiobook of original recipes, where the traditional recipe and my personal interpretation will be present in each track.

Lastly, I believe that for those like me who received so much from the world of food, it is a duty to make their skills and time available in the field of charity and for this reason I choose to give my time and experience in the field I love the most and on which I invested my whole life. In addition to the experience with Emergency, I led a social catering initiative with the boys of the Kayros association of don Claudio Burgio, chaplain of the Beccaria juvenile prison, and I supported the activities of Officine Buone Onlus in the hospitals.


Stefania Corrado

Stefania Corrado was born in Turin – half Pugliese and half Istrian – and lives in Milan. Her journey to the kitchen actually started from a variety of other fields: a degree magna cum laude in economics from the Università Cattolica in Milan, her studies ending at Yale (USA), and experience as an account manager in a number of international advertising agencies.

Since 2011, Stefania has managed to bring together her many different skills. Mixing numbers, analysis, communication, marketing with food, she has created an unconventional space for herself outside the restaurant, a niche that didn’t exist before, becoming a full-edged member of the Italian culinary world, and beyond.

Thanks to her multidisciplinary approach, Stefania is a consultant, a food writer, and a teacher.


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