Stefanos Lavrenidis

Stefanos Lavrenidis. Biting Crete

Chef Lavrenidis and his Apiri Greek Eatery Restaurant are the place to eat in Crete. And one of the Greece’s finest dining.


There is a land in the middle of the Mediterranean sea that is the mother and the baby cot of one of the oldest food tradition of the world: the Greece. This peninsula with her ancestral raw materials – oil, wine and fresh vegetables – founded the roots of what we call “mediterranean diet”. This is the history. But times an centuries go on. That’s why we think the Greek food tradition tale it still needs to be updated  with a name: Stefanos Lavrenidis. He is a famous chef of the Crete island, precisely of Heraklion, who opened in 2019 his own restaurant. He made a miracle. In fact his curriculum is full of experience abroad: the Fat Duck of Heston Blumenthal in Great Britain where he learned the use of chemistry and physic applied to the cuisine; then the  Kadeau in Copenhagen with the chef Nicolai Nørregaard that gave to Stefanos a minimal and innovative approach to the raw materials; finally the long experience as executive chef at the Ocean Restaurant del Daios Cove di Agios Nikolaos. 

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None of these experiences made him forget his roots, his strong and amazing origins. That’s why when he opened his restaurant, the Apiri Greek Eatary, a small, simple and minimal bistrot – just with a nordic touch in the mise en place – you can find a really and well-structured modern Greek cuisine. The availment of the mint, the goat cheese, the olive oil, the fresh and km zero vegetables are the beautiful soli foundations for the sophisticated dishes Stefanos brings to the table of his customers. Fried meatball cheese with mint, green salad with Graviera cheese of goats or the linguine pasta with shrimps and lemon: those are some voices of the menù, just to make you hungry!

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Apiri Greek Eatary

Kagiampí & Agíon Déka 5, Heraklion, Crete 71201, Greece


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