Villa Venti

VILLA VENTI WINERY: NATURALLY ROMAGNA WINES On the hillsides of Romagna’s territories, there is a winery that produces amazing wine intrinsically linked to the idyll of the land where it came from.   Sometimes, when a history like that of Villa Venti winery crops up, it seems you are walking into a dream. It feels [...]

Agritur Dalaip Dei Pape

“Dalaip dei Pape” is a peaceful farmhouse which delivers the real taste of Trentino If the history of a place travelled forward through its flavours and the traditions of its owners, you need to come to San Martino di Castrozza to breathe the real and pure Trentino way of living “There’s something happening here, what [...]

Ariane Lotti

From NYC to Tuscany. The exciting story of an organic farmer Ariane Lotti was not born in Italy, but her roots in Maremma run deep. In 1936, Ariane’s great-grandfather came to this unique area of southern Tuscany and saw potential in its beautiful and wild landscape. Four generations later, Ariane acts as the manager of [...]