Kleinsthalhof dairy

Kleinsthalhof dairy, the goat’s cheese kingdom and its king: Helmut Großgasteige In the Aurina Valley, right in the middle of Alto Adige, an ex-carpenter discovers his love for goats and their treasure: the hay milk. Let’s put on a heavy coat, Kaataa is going to take you up into the mountains!   In 2006, a [...]

Goasroscht dairy

Goasroscht dairy: goats, acidity, mountains, and other amazing stories! On the rich earth of Sud Tyrol a family creates starry goat’s cheese for starry restaurants and—starry consumers! Let’s understand more together!   We at Kaataa would like to bring you to the very edge of Italy, where the Mediterranean culture gives way to the Alpine [...]

Ahrntal Graukase

Discover the centenary tradition of Graukase If you ever wondered how cheese was invented, a look at Graukase will tell it all. This is a primeval cheese, one of the most basic expressions of the art of cheesemaking. No bacterial culture, no rennet, no nothing. Just the milk and the man.   Graukase (Gray Cheese) [...]

Käsefestival 2020

A party with friends. The 14th Käsefestival from 13 to 15 March 2020 | 10:00 am - 7:00 pm in Sand in Taufers/Südtirol The Käsefestival is a plural concept: it is a cheese market for gourmets, a Slow Food fair, a meeting of those with a shared passion. And it is undoubtedly also a leading [...]

Ahrntal – Valle Aurina

Less known and emblazoned with other South Tyrolean valleys, the Aurina Valley (Ahrntal) is one of the best kept secrets of the Alps. Breathtaking mountains, prodigious nature, waterfalls, fairy-tale villages, thousand-year-old stories and good food. Need anything else? Pic by Eberhard Grossgasteiger Of the more than 80 mountains over 3000m in altitude dominating the Valle [...]