Fratelli Ferrante

“Fratelli Ferrante”: good vibes - and good flavors in a glass jar! There’s a sunny, beautiful island in Italy which contains a crossroads between culture and tasty recipes that need to be discovered. It is called Sicily. Ferrante brothers is a good way to experience the exploration of Sicilian taste and flavor. When you walk [...]

Nove Lune

“Nove Lune” winery: the poetry of the natural wines On a hillside near picturesque Bergamo, Alessandro Sala decided to take his vineyard on an organic journey with the PIWI grapevine. Let’s drink to this article! We should say that Alessandro Sala has a deep passion for nature. His goal is to bring grape cultivation forward [...]

José Avillez

José Avillez. The Belcanto Restaurant and the other pearls of the chef who is redesigning Portuguese cuisine. We’d like to talk about a chef, a star, an human history very rare and original: Jose Avillez, from Portugal. José Avillez graduated in Business Communication at Instituto Superior de Comunicação Empresarial with a thesis on the image [...]