Tempi di Recupero Week 2019

From November 16th to 24th a series of international events will be broadcast to bring together chefs, hosts and individuals all over the world to raise awareness of the importance of food recycle

A way to combine conviviality with the fight against waste. A project that promotes sustainability as a daily gesture. A hymn to the beauty of food recycled and reuse of surpluses!


Tempi di Recupero was born with the aim of raising public awareness about food sustainability and how, through good domestic practices, food can be used profitably for the pockets, the environment and, above all, for the taste . Tempi di Recupero identifies this sustainable approach in a daily habits, which can increase the sensitivity towards the integral use of raw materials in a joyful and stimulating way. This philosophy is reflected and recounted during convivial dinners in restaurants, taverns and private homes where participants have the freedom to interpret at will the three basic themes of recovery: the leftovers from the day before, the fifth quarter of meat, fish and vegetables, and the dishes of tradition and memory.

illustration by Andrea Zoli

After 6 years of initiatives and events in 2018 Tempi di Recupero it has decided to celebrate the food surplus recycling by launching the Tempi di Recupero Week, that is an international week that gives voice to those who care about sustainability and ethicality in food. The initiative is aimed at chefs, innkeepers and private individuals from all over the world who will be able to offer their recovery menus for one or more days during the week from 16 to 24 November 2019. The proposal procedure is free: it’s possible to adhere to it by processing and preparing, for one or more days, a dish or a menu that shows your idea of ​​”recovery” of food.

You can discover all the international events and participating chefs here: https://www.tempidirecupero.it/tempi-di-recupero-week/

Don’t be shy, take part in the event closest to you or propose yourself and prove your abilities as a sustainable chef! It doesn’t take much to make a revolution!


From November 16th to 24th 2019


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