Tero, the Amphora wine

Tero, the eathly and refelective Anphora wine by Ploder- Rosenberg

“People are intermediaries between earth and the cosmos. A cultural landscape exists from a natural landscape. A farming culture characterises the countryside, the people who live there and finally the land itself. The responsibility is not only to manage the business economically but at the same time there is a cultural and creative job to be done”

We have made it our mission to strive for ecological balance on all levels for the common good. That’s why we try to optimise that which can be made even better. Large wooden containers for long-term storage are being used more and more in our celler. A state photovoltaic system provides considerable amounts of electricity and instead of a garden that is pleasing to the eye, we have invested massively in permaculture hills, fruit trees, fruit bushes and insect hotels. An end to our self sufficiency programme is not in sight. Above all, when we annually harvest the fruit of our labours in the form of our fruit and numerous vegetables we get a great feeling of personal satisfaction. It feels really good to feed ourselves.

The changeover in 2006 to biodynamic cultivation methods is an investment in quality of life and independence. The maintenance and improvement of soil fertility has been successful through the use of horn fertiliser as well as those compost preparations by Rudolf Steiner based on biodynamic principles. In this way we keep our soil and plants fertile and healthy using compost, mulch and preparations as well as targeted seeding. Our vineyards stay healthy and vital through home-produced cold extracts, teas, extracts and composting. We experience in our daily work that it is possible to operate both wine production and agriculture.  The influence of natural rhythms – in addition to the influence of the cosmic rhythms (seasons, moon cycles, the rhythm of the day, movements of the planets, etc) – are all examined and their influence documented in the talks on agriculture. When viewed as a whole the influences of the cosmos can function better through healthy earth and thus be transferred onto the plants. Its not only us who are sensitive but also our soils, plants and animals who increasingly react positively to the beneficial effects of the cosmos.

We are connected to our homeland that is the midst of the Vulkanland area of Styria, the soil consists of sandy clays, gravel bases, deposits of weathering material as well as from place to place various very distinct volcanic influences. All the main spas and sources of mineral water can be found in this region. This fertile area is characterised by the charm of the Mediterranean south as well as having an Illyrian climate coupled with continental and Pannonian influences. Small farms, eco tourism and its multi-cultured historical past characterise the countryside, its people, culture, cuisine and neighbours in the bordering states of Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary. Its the same distance to either Triest or Vienna and to the Adriatic coast or even to a glacier.


The PLODER–ROSENBERG wine estate is situated in the Styrian „Vulkanland“ area. The family together with their team of hard-working employees have been working their 12,5 ha of vineyards since 2006 using biodynamic methods – loving life, laughing, crying & producing masterfully crafted creations.

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Earthy & reflective; dark mature aroma with depth and lingering taste; dry & trance-like; red gold; carmine red; fermented products, ratatouille, mature cheese, stews


45-55 €


Manuel Ploder

My land will show who I am. I’m born in the sunny month of June, this is reflected my joy for life towards wine, plants and also the liquid essences that flow through all things. After some years of school and viticulture as well as other specialist subjects, he put his theory into practice and strengthened and extended this through courses at home and abroad. Since the 2011 harvest, wines by Ploder – Rosenberg bear my trademark.


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