Terre Lucane

The best Italian pasta, made with love, from the heart of Basilicata!

It is necessary to walk in the heart of Basilicata on the land where time flows, marked only by the rhythms of nature to savor the philosophy that reigns in the Terre Lucane farm: “Innovating in respect of Tradition”.


This is the spirit that distinguishes the entrepreneurial adventure of five young and enterprising Engineers who, thanks to the experience accumulated in years of activity in the renewable energy sector, with heart and patience, now dedicate their forces to agriculture.

But let’s go with order.

It is a path traced by the love for healthy and natural nutrition that led to the birth of the Terre Lucane farm, which was born exclusively to meet the needs of its families and is now among the few farms in the panorama national company that produces pasta with wheat grown exclusively on its own land.

In over 100 hectares the most innovative organic production techniques are applied to cultivate Senatore Cappelli wheat, which is the rarest and most valuable variety cultivated on Lucanian land. Exclusively with this type of wheat, the Terre Lucane farm decided to produce a higher quality Pasta. The path that leads this unique and wonderful grain to become Pasta passes through a milling in an ancient mill in Altamura (Puglia) that uses strictly artisan methods and the semolina thus obtained is immediately delivered and processed by the master pasta makers of Gragnano. Everything is carefully and strictly controlled by the Terre Lucane farm, which, far from the logic of the large agri-food industry, completely avoids the storage phase and therefore the formation of harmful mold in the grain.

The farm has obtained BIO certification from the “Institute for ethical and environmental certification” (ICEA) thanks to the use of exclusive 100% Italian BIO wheat, with unique organoleptic characteristics and is the only company on its site agricultural that constantly publishes chemical analyzes, performed by independent laboratories, on the pasta produced and where the absence of any type of chemical substance is clearly visible.

The organic Topinambur is the further product cultivated with care and passion on the agricultural lands of the Terre Lucane company. Carefully collected and washed, the Topinambur undergoes a rigorous selection, so only the best vegetables are cut into thin slices and preserved in excellent organic extra virgin olive oil.

A path that requires courage and determination but carried out with passion and ethics by people who have learned that clean energy and healthy nutrition are the basis of the most important asset that is called health.

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