The Green Tea Properties!

Discover the many good reasons to start consuming green tea!

According to a Chinese legend, the discovery of green tea dates back to 5000 years ago, when an emperor called Shennong was boiling water and leaves from a tree blew into his pot. Delighted by the colour and aroma released, he decided to taste it and was surprised to discover that it was rich in flavour, scent and had numerous benefits.

Green tea has an abundance of catechins, which are molecules with numerous and remarkable anticancer properties. I would advise you choose a Japanese green tea and that you let the leaves infuse for at least 8/10 minutes in order to allow effective release of its active ingredients.

Teas that are grown in the sun, are called “Sencha”, and are the most refreshing, while those grown in the shade are called “Gyokuro” and are a little sweeter, “Bancha” tea, on the other hand, contains little caffeine. Remember that if you drink green tea, you will have made an excellent health choice! 3 or 4 cups a day are recommended, but even having one cup in the morning will contain sufficient antioxidants!

To prepare it, you will need to heat a metal or ceramic container of water to no more than 80 degrees in order to maintain all of its properties. Then, add a teaspoon of green tea, turn off the heat and leave it to infuse for 8/10 minutes. Finally, strain it and sip it slowly, savouring its exceptional aroma and flavour!


Wishing you all good health!


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