What to eat in Copenaghen – La Banchina

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What “Hygge” means? – La Banchina, Copenaghen

Hygge is an untranslatable Danish word that tries to define a feeling and an atmosphere related to a sense of comfort, coziness, welcome and familiarity. These words can sometimes be too abstract.

If you want to see and touch what is meant by the word Hygge, there is a place 10 minutes by bike from the center of Copenhagen that exemplifies it:

“La Banchina” is a small restaurant and cafe with garden and Sauna located in a small old blue pier with a view of the center of Copenhagen. Open daily from early morning where you can have breakfast with an excellent capuccino and a brioche made from the bakery Il Buco, jams and Danish cheese, snacks all day long available  with a careful selection of natural wines, from 12 until 21 pm you can decide if you want a  dish from the small menu that changes daily using only organic and sustainable products: only fish and vegetables, fresh herbs grown in the garden and one of the best breads in town nothing more. It’s up to you whether you want to use the sauna and take a dip in the cold water and decide to light one of the fires always available in the garden.

It is a place where you can walk around barefoot, your shirt unbuttoned and enjoy a moment of peace completely for you just a few steps from the center of Copenhagen


La Banchina – Refshalevej 141, Copenaghen

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Bernardo Costantino

A traveler chef, born in Caracas, raised in Italy and now living in Copenhagen. Lust for life, travel and authenticity. I see food as a sacred element, an ineluctable need that forces a dialogue with nature, cultures, diversity and their continuous evolution. A tangible, vivid and colorful language with which to express the wonders and madness of the world.


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