What to eat in Copenaghen – Ramen

Slurp Joint Ramen

Best Ramen in Copenaghen – Slurp Ramen Joint

If you are at Nørreport and if you are hungry few meters from the metro station you have many options but for sure one of these is 100% safe and it is if you choose to go to Slurp Ramen Joint:

There is no bathroom available you will probably have to wait a few minutes in the line out but it’s worth it. Waiting for you there is a small menu made of 4 appetizers and 4 big bowls of beautiful ramen with fresh home made noodles and seriously delicious broth.  I always choose the same: the slurp Karaage for started a nice and crispy fried chicken with fermented chili mayo, a very cold beer and a bowl of the exceptional  Miso Ramen: rich and sumptuous, slightly spicy, fresh, smoked eggs, al dente noodles and a smiling cook who cooked in front of you. You eat, the atmosphere is relax and cool, the ramen in just delicious, once you’re out of the place you just trying to figure it out when you can come back again



Slurp Ramen – Nansensgade, 90 1366 – Copenhagen 

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Slurp Ramen Copenaghen


Bernardo Costantino

A traveler chef, born in Caracas, raised in Italy and now living in Copenhagen. Lust for life, travel and authenticity. I see food as a sacred element, an ineluctable need that forces a dialogue with nature, cultures, diversity and their continuous evolution. A tangible, vivid and colorful language with which to express the wonders and madness of the world.


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