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Peppeckish – Southern Italy flavors in London

London has become a culinary hotspot for so many wonderfully delicious supper club and dining pop-ups. The city is brimming with passionate home cooks and budding chefs, who are putting themselves and cooking out there, by having their food available to be eaten by the paying public.  I have been to many offerings in the city, but there is one cook that I keep on going back for more on a regular basis.

The person in question is Giuseppe Cimmino, or ‘Peppe’, as his friends call him. A born and bred Neapolitan, who I was introduced to a couple of years ago. When we first met, it was instantly apparent how passionate Peppe was about cooking especially when it came to re-creating dishes from his own native land, Naples. 

Not long after meeting Peppe, I was lucky enough to personally taste his cooking at one of his supper clubs – ‘Peppeckish’ – which he hosted in his beautiful home in South-East London. He hosted a wonderful evening where Peppe cooked an unforgettable Neapolitan seafood 4 course meal. 

Since then, Peppeckish has gone from strength to strength. From his intimate supper club in his own home to a bi weekly pop up (every Wednesday and Saturday) at the Hill Station Cafe, in New Cross. He designs a unique concise menu for every service, which he posts on social media only 2 days before. No two menus are ever the same. So if you get enticed by the dish offering, my best advice is to book yourself a table as soon as possible. The likelihood of that same menu appearing again is slim to none. A lot of hard work and time goes into Peppe’s cooking, which you can also see for yourself. Follow him on social media where you can watch behind the scenes of what goes into preparing a night at Peppeckish. Peppe likes to hand pick his ingredients, including getting up at a ridiculous hour to get the freshest fish and seafood at Billingsgate market. He also cooks with specialist ingredients from small Italian producers, bringing authentic Italian flavors to his evenings. The menu always consists of dishes where Peppe’s home made sour dough bread and pasta regularly feature. The fact of the matter is his cooking is honest, honest Neapolitan cooking, which I find extremely delicious. Every time I eat his food, a smile always spreads across my face and brings back nostalgic food memories of southern Italian cooking. 

So if you love Italian food and want to know what fantastic southern Italian home cooking tastes like, then I recommend booking yourself a table soon at Peppeckish and experience Peppe’s food for yourself very soon.

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Peppeckish – 32 Kitto Road, London SE14 5TW

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Paola Maggiulli “The Tiny Italian”

I’m an Anglo-Italian food expert, cook, presenter, and consultant, with a life-long passion for Italian cooking. 

Born and bred in London, I grew up between my father’s Italian delicatessen and my parents’ kitchen, where I learned the pleasures of Italy’s regional cooking and the value of slow living. Now, my mission is to show others how to capture the Mediterranean lifestyle, regardless of where you live, your experience, or how much time you have. I’m passionate about bringing a healthy, seasonal, and pleasure-first approach to food to the UK. On my website, The Tiny Italian, I offer step-by-step recipes, spotlight my favourite Italian restaurants, uncover the best delis in London, and offer advice for travelling around Italy. I’m certified by Leith’s as a cooking demonstrator, and have consulted for a number of restaurants, delis, and brands. 


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