What to eat in Prishtina – Miqt Taverna

Chicken Rice with Pesto & Cheese – Miqt Taverna

Small and comfy, a blend between the old and the new… nowhere else but only at the “Miqt Taverna”. A place where you can eat every meal of the day. The combination of the old and the new is the one that makes this place, unique, special and not less frequent. Although in the heart of the center of Prishtina is known as a space offering quiet morning and relaxing afternoon, due to the characteristic location. Foods and meals often make choices difficult for the customer, however staff recommendations make the situation easier.

The dish I decided to unfold in front of you is “Chicken Rice with Pesto & Cheese”. This dish containing rice accompanied with chicken, pesto and cheese served in the best possible way while making it even more desirable is a nice taste, to get an excellent source of protein and many B-vitamins (rice). Such plates are preferred for lunch time…

“Miqt Taverna” is known for the relaxing afternoon after work where many young people spend their free time especially in summer days when all you need is a glass of beer or wine enjoyed with an appetizer.

Being around the Prishtina and not visiting this area is a loss!!


Miqt Taverna – Bulevardi Nëna Terezë, Prishtina, 10000

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