Georgia Panagopoulou aka the @wine.gini! Her motto is “wine is social”

Georgia Panagopoulou aka the @wine.gini! Only 29 years old, with 95K Instagram followers, she’s among the top 10 Instagram wine accounts. A wine communicator from Greece, making wine social!

Georgia’s passion for wine was always present, until she decided to quit her corporate life and devote herself to it. Her instinct suggested it was the right thing to do. When people ask to her why, she replies: “because is life”.

From chemical engineering to wine, she loves problem solving. Moving to communication, she realized that people can be easily intimidated by wine. The challenge was to make it friendly, and invite wine lovers to her world.

Her international wine studies in 2017, inspired her to create @wine.gini, sharing her life changing experience in 30 wine countries. First out of intuition, then after research, she experimented with a digital, yet funky wine content, growing her IG community in a year.

wine ginie Georgia Panagopoulou

She follows a personal, sophisticated and fun style, always keeping her community engaged. In her words “@wine.gini is a gateway for the wine lovers who seek a real wine experience through travel and life moments”.

Wine blogger, press trip journalist, digital guru. Having experience at both Old and New world communication, her work is trusted by many wine brands, with an audience including wine pros, wineries, wine brands and wine lovers from around the world!

Today @wine.gini is among the top IG wine influencers, helping wine brands in Europe with their promotion and growth, through social and digital marketing strategies.

wine ginie


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