Enoteca La Morra

Enoteca la Morra – Pavullo nel Frignano

It is really true when we say that if a place is Special it doesn’t matter where it is. If you are looking for special places to lose yourself, you have to go to Pavullo nel Frignano (Italy) and find Enoteca La Morra. Here you can spend hours getting lost among the thousands of bottles and really very pleasant dishes that you could not even imagine to find. Among an equally pleasant background music, you will have the pleasure of meeting Giovanni the creator and owner of this fantastic hidden gem.

“With wine it was love at the first taste: I started to study it very young, intrigued by that liquid capable of surprising me with every sip. I traveled to Italy and Europe to meet the producers and learn the secrets of the trade. Every journey was an adventure to discover new tastes and every winemaker I met enchanted me: I watched rough hands giving life to exceptional products, I listened to the story of a profession driven almost by a vocation made of sacrifices and research of its own excellence. I came back every time with the strong desire to bring their products to my lands to share them with others.” Giovanni told us a little about his story and what prompted him to leave his position as Controller in the large ceramics industry where his father was a member. He was literally transported by his boundless, as he calls it, passion for wines and the Vigneron. The first 10 years the Enoteca 1.0 was only a small Bottega di Vin “In 2000, after years of studies and research, I decided to follow my dream: to found “Enoteca La Morra”, my bottle shop located in the heart of Pavullo nel Frignano, to share the treasures discovered in my research with my fellow citizens” Then the competition of large retailers pushed him to move to a llargest commercial property with the possibility of barroom. What is now Enoteca 2.0. “A place created to welcome new customers or connoisseurs who love quality, where it is possible to buy and taste Italian and French wines, craft beers and spirits accompanied by carefully selected gastronomic products, the result of a perennial and careful research carried out with Angela, my precious collaborator, great expert in flavors and pairings”. Perhaps the Enoteca 3.0 will be a Restaurant who knows Giovanni says smiling.

Giovanni is young, brave and resourceful, always smiling and excellent host, he transformed his passion into his profession. This is Italy that surprises! Pavullo is certainly not among the most famous Italian destinations for tourists, you need to go to the Modena hills, finding a place you don’t expect is simply a beautiful emotion.


Via Giardini,123 Pavullo nel Frignano (MO) – Italy


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Liria Constantino

I was born in Rome, Rome taught me beauty and probably curiosity to seek it always and everywhere. Grown in Venezuela where the splendid modern Architecture, Giò Ponti, the presence of Art in the printed books of Ernesto Armitano, the lush green of an incomparable flora, the generosity of the colors expressed in every detail have refined my emotions. I traveled a lot, expanding my life passion and a real momentum for home, furniture, food, architecture, hospitality, symmetry, gardens, music, good wine. Arousing in me an almost maniacal form; everything I see I want to transform into beauty and utility, of all this inevitably I made my profession. I believe deeply as Hermann Hesse said: “I often think that if all the houses and streets looked nice and neat and noble, people would necessarily be kind and lovable.” I am convinced that kindness is the peaceful revolution to change the world.


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