Gianluca Gorini

From today on Kaataa starts the new column that will lead us to discover young European chefs who are changing the gastronomic panorama of the old continent with their fresh and irreverent approach!

We will give voice to stories and ideas of unconventional people, with an outside the box vision.

Gianluca Gorini, the new flavors of the Italian Provincia

It is a great pleasure to start from the story of Gianluca Gorini, one of the new faces of Italian cuisine, with a distinct personality of its own based on clear principles: territoriality of the raw material, cooking that respects the product, but above all in the multifaceted and wise use of the  vegetable component, its distinctive trait.

His idea of cooking is never an end in itself, but oriented to the construction of the dish: textures, vertical and horizontal development of flavors, persistence, sweet, sour, herbaceous, bitter suggestions, there seem to be no limits to the taste possibilities offered by each his plate.

Ever since he was a child Gianluca Gorini has always maintained that he would have been a chef when he grew up, as the kitchen was part of his DNA. Born and raised in a family of restaurateurs, studying or playing with friends, he always preferred helping his grandmother cook Piadina – a sort of flat bread – or prepare fresh pasta.

The scents that enveloped the kitchen fascinated him so much that there was no hesitation in choosing the course of study: the Hospitality Institute of Pesaro.

After graduation, 2003 he flew to London to work in the starred restaurant “Monsieur Max” which left an important mark on his education.

As important as the great chefs who accompanied him from his return to Italy: from Paolo Teverini, his first teacher, from 2004 to 2008, which allows him to travel, confront and contaminate with different cultures.

To Paolo Lopriore at the “Il Canto” Restaurant in the Certosa di Maggiano di Siena, in the following four years. Lopriore isone of the great geniuses of Italian cuisine, which deeply marks his thinking and allows him to develop a personal vision of contemporary cuisine.

After an interlude as resident chef in the Relais Chateaux “Borgo San Felice” (year in which he is also elected “Italian Emerging Chef”) in 2013 he launched his first adventure as Chef of cuisine at the Restaurant “Le Giare” in Montiano. Here he stays until the end of 2016, collecting excellent results from the sector critics.

Finally, in 2017, Gianluca  opens, together with his partner Sara, the restaurant that bears his name “daGorini” in San Piero in Bagno. From this moment he began his climb to the top of Italian cuisine: after a year of opening he won the “News of the Year” award by the Guida Ristoranti d’Italia 2019 dell’Espresso, he was named “Best Chef” by the Guide Restaurants 2019 of Identità Golose and in 2019 the “daGorini” was selected for the final phase of the “World Restaurant Awards” in Paris in the “New Arrivals of the year” category.

Today, the reign of Gianluca and his restaurant “daGorini” is the Italian province, the place of excellence where the supply chain is at hand, where if you look out the window you see the same vision you have for hands in kitchen. Here Gianluca selects and transforms the excellent local raw materials, with a strong dose of creativity and personality. These characteristics have allowed him in recent years to forge his own identity, his own thinking in the kitchen and a personal approach to work: gestures stolen from the past that are reinterpreted in a modern key thanks to the techniques learned and matured in a path of the highest level.

“DaGorini” is a place of hospitality, made of people and emotions, it is a place where you can spend time and enjoy the pleasure of the table through an irreverent and fresh reinterpretation of traditions.

Ristorante DAGORINI

Via Giuseppe Verdi, 5, 47021 San Piero In Bagno FC


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Gianluca Gorini




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