“Helles” by Val Rendena Brewery

Val Rendena

Tradition, care, dedication: what is needed to produce an incredible craft beer.

In the valleys of Trentino, the ancient art of making beer has always been widespread: each family had its own recipe, small home-made products with mixed results, but with a unique flavor very different from that of industrially produced beers. They were inspired by this in 2012, when the Val Rendena Brewery started its first production in Giustino.  Only the highest quality raw materials, only production processes that respect the necessary time, so much care and attention: the REAL mountain beer made as it should be made, and tasting it makes you think of the land where it is produced! And finally water, the essential raw material for making a good beer. Our water, the water of the Adamello springs, near the Brenta Dolomites: as pure as the environment in which our beer is produced. Inspired by the Bavarian tradition, Helles lager has a tall, firm, creamy-white head which rises above the golden brilliance. Helles relies on its subtlety to amaze the senses with its notes of wild flowers, delicate hops and malt. Helles is wonderfully satisfying to the palate as there is a balance between the malt and the hops resulting in a flavourful beer, smooth and refreshing. There are no exotic hops, no harsh bitterness and no spicy, yeasty flavors. The demanding German style brewing process has not changed to ensure that the beer drinker is rewarded with the most sublime balance of subtle, rich, elegant maltiness and lingering note of noble hops. Helles lager is ideally paired with alpine trout or arctic char based dishes, mild cheese or a savoury vegetable ratatouille.

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Claudio and Paolo are two twin brothers, owners of the Brewery. From an early age they helped their grandparents to put into practice that art, so fascinating but at the same time challenging and delicate, of craft beer production. And those memories have given rise to a common passion and an ambition: to open a small craft beer factory where they produce very high quality beers, made according to tradition and with carefully selected raw materials. This is how the craft mountain beer of the Val Rendena Brewery was born. Discover more


“Helles” Lager Beer


Flavourful beer, smooth and refreshing


Excellent with freshwater fish,  mild cheese or a savoury vegetable ratatouille.


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