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How To Strengthen The Immune System Before Winter

Hi friends, do you like me hate getting sick and spend the winter indoors with fever and sore throat? If you are one of these, try to pay attention on how to safeguard your immune system and you will see that you will feel much better this winter!

The immune system is one of the most powerful weapons available to our body, which protects us both from external attacks such as viruses, bacteria and parasites, and from diseases that are generated in our interior such as cancer.

Our body has a powerful defense chain, composed of lymphocytes and phagocytes, the latter “feeding” on all the cells that they recognize as foreign, in order to defend ourselves. But, unfortunately, there are some pathogenic viruses and bacteria that manage to overcome this first barrier of defense by unleashing themselves against lymphocytes, capable of generating antibodies that act in a targeted manner against that pathogen.

Nutrition is fundamental to provide good support for the immune system.

80% of the immune defenses are in the intestine, so its balance must be treated. An advice? In addition to the use, as a supplement, of pre and probiotics, fresh raw materials such as seasonal fruits and vegetables must be supplied daily. Consumption of fatty sources such as dried fruit, avocado and quality butter is also essential. These provide all the A-D- E vitamins you need.

autumn kiwi

At breakfast, drink a cup of green tea to increase the T cells of the immune system, protecting the DNA from free radicals and improving the antioxidant action.

Before sleeping instead, a cure-all is to take propolis, a natural antibacterial, which prevents the multiplication of germs. Beware of scams on the market, make sure it is from natural cultivation and advisable to take it raw, in grains, to chew.

In your seasonal cart you can’t miss kiwis and peppers, until the end of October, which also contain more vitamin C than citrus fruits. Lettuce and steamed broccoli, rich in folic acid, which help repair the cells of the immune system.

Then enrich your dishes with ginger and turmeric, which have a powerful active ingredient against fungal infections and support the immune system.

If you are a person who gets sick easily, you can also consider supplementing with VITAMIN C tablets, which in addition to supporting the barrier of epithelia against pathogens, is also useful as an antioxidant for the skin and protects against free radicals.


For any other doubt, don’t hesitate to ask your family doctor!

I recommend, prevention is better than cure!



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