Sonia Gambino – Inebriante, Sangiovese rosé

INEBRIANTE SANGIOVESE ROSE’ – Inserrata organic farm

That’s what you need after a working day! I love to enjoy this 100% Sangiovese rosé in my terrace in Milan. Fresh and delicate with its peach and white flowers aromas is perfect to enjoy good time at home with my friends.

I love to match it with goat cheese and fresh raw vegetables. This wine makes me smile and travel with my mind to the hills of the beautiful Inserrata estate in San Miniato, Tuscany, where Gabriele Dolfi cultivates his organic vineyard with passion and creativity.

Inserrata’s soil has a clay and sandy composition with marine sediments that gives the wines an excellent minerality and lightly flavours. Due to that, Inebriante is a perfect fresh rosé also for fish dishes or nachos with guacamole (while you’re watching your favourite Netflix serie on tv, why not?).


Inserrata is a family owned business surrounded by the magnificent Tuscan landscape, characterised by a strong artistic passion. This lively company distinguish itself thanks to its creativity and values, which go beyond the boundaries of agriculture: few years ago, for example, Inserrata started collaborating with artists from all over Europe organizing special shows of photography, art and design.

Since 1997, Inserrata is specialised in biological agriculture and it’s known for his quality and natural way of production that first of all respect and ensure the protection of the environment and its biodiversity. To not forget latest techniques and technologies involved in winemaking processes, the cellar of the organic farm Inserrata has been recently restructured: from the controlled and vacuum pressing of the grapes, to the stopover in stainless steel barrels at controlled temperature. Only in that way Gabriele Dolfi, soul and hand of Inserrata, keeps up with the time and makes natural wines with a young and creative touch.

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Sangiovese rosé




Sonia Gambino

From Milan with a Sicilian heart. When I was a child, I used to play in my grandfather vineyard, in the dreamy black land of Etna Vulcain.

From there I left for a trip to become a winemaker, discovering the vineyards of the world, passing from the Langhe and Bordeaux and making wine in three different continents.

Today I understood that what I like the most is to tell stories about authentic vignerons who, thanks to their enthusiasm, produce wines that fills your hearth of happiness and beauty.


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