Irina Steccanella

Irina. the best way to eat the traditional Emilian flavors

It’s always nice to be in Savignoa few kilometers outside Bologna, to sit at IRINA Trattoria, a simple, sincere and refined trattoria. Irina is brave woman that started her new adventure with passion and pride a few months ago. In her dishes everything communicates an expression of strength and confidence in her abilities. Irina’s cuisine is inspired by tradition and wisely subtracted from heavy declinations and elegantly give back to lightness and good taste. It may seems that her dishes are simple and could have come out from the kitchen of any Italian grandmother, but only in appearance! For example, the excellent Funghi Porcini Aglio Olio e Peperoncino, it might seem like a simple dish but as soon as they arrive at the table, at first glance you understand the hard work, ability and the care.

Every traditional dish that comes out of Irina’s kitchen is simply amzing: you could eat in quick succession the Tagliatelle al Ragù, Strettine all’Ortica (a nettle pasta)and Porcini, Vitello Tonnato, all dishes with a combination of stunning flavors leaving anyone without words in front of so much depth and precision of aromas. 

A special mention should be made of the bread that Irina serves daily, fragrant, light, extremely tasty, so good that you can’t give up the classic Scarpetta, you’ll literally clean the dishes for the joy of dishwasher. 

Irina steccanella Porcini

Chef Irina Steccanella opened her regional trattoria in Savigno in February 2019. The owner is Irina Steccanella, a young chef who has returned to her town after a long journey through the techniques of “haute cuisine”. Her professional career includes six months at the 3-Michelin star Osteria Francescana, then an experience with Niko Romito at Reale (another 3-Michelin star restaurant in Abruzzo) and two years at the Mastrosasso, an agritourism and farm near Bologna. In her restaurant, the tasting menu includes the most representative dishes of the typically Bolognese cuisine. Her tortellini and lasagna are a renowned word-of-mouth all over the Emilia Romagna region, but still a discovery to most Italian foodies. “More restaurants present our culinary tradition, the better it will be”, says Irina. “When you make classic dishes you have to convince your guests that they taste at least as good as that of their mothers’ or grandmothers’”. This is why her dishes surprise you with every bite: they are typical, they have local flavors, they are the expression of a modern wisdom and are based on ancient manual skills.


Irina – via Guglielmo Marconi, 39

Savigno (Bologna)


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Liria Constantino

I was born in Rome, Rome taught me beauty and probably curiosity to seek it always and everywhere.

Grown in Venezuela where the splendid modern Architecture, Giò Ponti, the presence of Art in the printed books of Ernesto Armitano, the lush green of an incomparable flora, the generosity of the colors expressed in every detail have refined my emotions.

I traveled a lot, expanding my life passion and a real momentum for home, furniture, food, architecture, hospitality, symmetry, gardens, music, good wine. Arousing in me an almost maniacal form; everything I see I want to transform into beauty and utility, of all this inevitably I made my profession.

I believe deeply as Hermann Hesse said: “I often think that if all the houses and streets looked nice and neat and noble, people would necessarily be kind and lovable.”

I am convinced that kindness is the peaceful revolution to change the world.


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