Isle of Møn spirits

Isle of Møn distillery: when the gin has the taste of a land

In 2016 Sara and Uffe Skaaning Lind founded “Isle of Møn”. We of Kaataa before reveal what is “Isle of Møn”, we’d like to introduce you – just with the power of the imagination and the words – in an amazing landscape. Try to figure out you are walking in a island just in the south of Copenaghen, with the greenest fields you’ve ever seen and a sky that changes colours every second: blue, grey, azure.

Then imagine to be caressed by a unstoppable wind that bring to your nose every kind of flavour, from the ground smell to the scent of grass until the sea-breeze mixed with the rain. Ok, now that we have brought with the mind in that place, aren’t you thirsty? Would you like to drink a good gin tonic? No problems, because the “Isle of Møn” is a distillery focused on the production of gin. Here you are the secret revealed.

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Sara and Uffe some years ago decided to do an experiment: to produce gin using only the juniper of the Møn’s lands. That’s why if you drink their products you can taste the flavours and the smells I described before. They have a strong manifesto. They wants to use indeed only raw materials from their lands, that’s why they’d like to support the local economy and they’d like to let the world knows and appreciate the high quality of products that come from the wild nature of the island: social value for the local economic and environmental purpose, if you drink their gin it’s difficult to feeling guilty ( in any case, drink responsibly!).

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They produce different kind of gins, using local natural products: Just to know you can find the “wild rose” gin, the “raspberry” or “oak”  or the “sloe” gin. In any case you can taste the high quality of the raw material in every sip.


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