Kabinet Brewery

Kabinet Brewery. Rare, strange and precious beers

Just in the middle of the amazing Balkan area, precisely in Nemenikuce, a sunny slope at a foot of the Kosmaj mountain in Serbia, there is a young and lively brewery: “Kabinet”.

The name of this project is linked to the idea of a “conseil – as the creators said – a collection of distinctive, unique items, all that is rare, strange and precious, the finest handicrafts, natural wonders, usually received and gathered from the exotic travel as an examples of the natural, geological, religious, ethnological and artistic value”.

They describe themselves like gourmet/designer/researchers of new tastes and flavours and they describe the beer as an inspirational muse. We guess their idea triumphed: infact after five years of hard work their 85 different types of beer are now spreaded all around the world, from Alaska to Brazil, from South Africa to Singapore. But there’s more. They, as usual in the international and fresh world of the brewery, made a lot of important partnerships with famous producers of beer: Mikkeller from Denmark, De molen, Caneiguerra, Zagovor, Moersleutel, Zakładowy, Mad Scientist. This partnership we guess helps them to be always updated to all the evolutions of the eventful world of brewing.

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We don’t want to bore with long lists of awards the Kabinet received but…. we need to do it in fairness because Kabinet is an exemplar history of determination and passion:

Pactivity – Grand Prix for Serbia’s Best Packaging 2014/2015

Regpak – Best label series in the region 2016

Serbian Chamber of Commerce – Best of Serbia – most successful startup 2016

Ernst & Young- Entrepreneur of the Year- 2016 nomination

Ratebeer – Serbia’s Best Beer 2014

Ratebeer – Serbia’s Best Brewer 2016.

Serbia’s consecutive Best Beer and Brewery for three years (2016, 2017,2018)

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It seems they still are not satisfied. They’d like to bring the customer into their world fully and intensely. That’s way they crate this year a restaurant just beside the brewery to let the consumers of Kabinet beers make an immersion in the unusual and curious landscape of Serbia’s flavours.

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If you want to go on an amazing trip of flavours in this unusual brewery here you are some tips. First of all, of course you must try their beer. You can find from the classical Ipa, Apa and other traditional style of beer to peculiar products: “Tell me your secret” an ale made with seed of cannabis and white chocolate;  “Silk Road”, made with lychee and black pepper; “Perfectly imperfect” made with chocolate and sesame. Kabinet goes ahead creating the “Pivolada”, another interesting product: a jam of beer in three different style : porter, low sugar jam and beer mixed with orange. Ok, now it’s time to take a bus or a plane and go to visit Serbia, don’t you agree with me?

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Kabinet d.o.o. – Despota Stevana Lazarevića 11.

11450 Nemenikuće, Sopot. Serbia


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