Kase Festival 2021

50 shades of cheese … and even more! Enjoy them all at the Kase Festival

Mature, fresh, soft, smoked… every two years the stunning village of Campo Tures in Alto Adige celebrates the ultimate comfort food. Here, in the beautiful setting of Alps, cheese is more than a typical product, it’s part of the local identity; a precious culture that must be passed on and developed through biodiversity. It’s an event rich in delightful tastes and many activities to be marked on your diary, from 19 to 21 March 2021!

Pioneering at first, and now firmly on the schedule of Italian gastronomic events, the Kase Festival is becoming more and more international, with about 100 exhibitors from all over Europe that, together with Italian and local producers, will give a tasty touch to the magical atmosphere of the Alps with thousands of types of cheese.

It’s no coincidence that the most important Italian cheese festival is located in Alto Adige. In this incredible place, people are still strongly connected to their tradition: an important part of cheese production is still done in masi and malghe, small farms located in alpine pastures where the real identity of Alto Adige still stands strong, and cheesemakers pass their knowledge from generation to generation. The rich production of this area is not limited to hard or aged cheese; the infinite knowledge of local cheesemakers ranges across to butter, mascarpone, ricotta, and even mozzarella, typical of the south of Italy. This incredible variety is ensured by local breeders that are making huge efforts to restore their cows’ biodiversity (only in the Alps’ area are there 35 different races). The authenticity of cheese starts from raw materials; that must be nature itself.

The festival totally embodies this passion and philosophy, representing not only a good occasion for local and foreign exhibitors to give visibility to their irresistible products and their production processes, but also an incredible taste experience for visitors of all ages.

Even the most demanding foodies will be able to find the perfect cheese and will have the chance to purchase it directly from producers, while meeting many people who share their passion and enjoying a real slow food celebration.

During the Kase Festival, guests can also join a wide range of workshops and cooking challenges or attend exciting shows held by many famous chefs who will also reveal some of their secrets. One of the most appreciated elements of the festival is the “taste lab”; throughout the whole duration of the event visitors can take part in a unique and surprising tasting program, guided by qualified supervisors that will accompany them in a delightful experience.

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Even if the Kase Festival is a celebration of tradition, its organisers always pay special attention to new generations, because they believe that young people must inherit the passion for this ageless food and bring it into the future. That’s why “arena dei fornelli” (literally cooker’s arena) is totally dedicated to young cooking school students that will practice with many important guests and show their skills to an audience that is always involved and enthusiastic.

The program also includes guided tastings and sensory workshops for kids who have free access to the event. The little visitors will have a lot of fun creating mozzarella or even chocolate Graukäse with their own hands, guided by local producers. The Kase Festival can also create customized educational programs for schools or groups, so that young guests can explore the world of cheese and approach nature and open-air activities from a new perspective.

And the surprises are not over yet! Since cheese is strongly addictive, and once they start visitors want to go on eating and tasting it, all local restaurants will totally dedicate a part of their menusto this delight. It will be a real marathon of delicacies! Next spring will start in the right way for cheese lovers, so save the date and get ready to reach Campo Tures!


Campo Tures, South Tyrol – ITALY





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