La Cotta

“La Cotta” brewery: hills, forest, and agriculture in a bottle


In a world of mass production and extensive agriculture, two friends decided to create a beer using the barley from their territory: the Montefeltro’s brewery “La Cotta.”

Raffaello Sanzio and Piero Della Francesca are the two significant names of the “Renaissance of the City of Urbino,” the time when, in the fifteenth century, Montefeltro, a distinct area between Romagna, Marche, and Tuscany, was one of the most important places in the world for culture, art, architecture, and literature.

So, are we at Kaataa, as you know us well, talking about something different from food and beverage? No! Don’t worry! We are getting to the point; we have still not reached the purpose of this article. In fact, today, we want to talk with you about a “new renaissance” that is being born in Montefeltro… a more drinkable one! We want to introduce to you the “Cotta” brewery.

Right in the middle of the wonderful Montefeltro hillside, surrounded by castles, vineyards, and woodland, there is a brewery that put all the flavours and all the scents that a natural place like Montefeltro can give inside its bottle of beer.

Luigi and Francesco, the owners of “La Cotta” in the Sassocorvaro country, have created a beer made like an “agricultural product.” Now, I’ll try to explain how. They produce and use the best barley in the fields of Montefeltro, they use the water that comes from this amazing and pristine place to make a beer that starts in the fields and not from barleys from far away or with the help of chemical products. Their beers have a wonderful taste: the taste of the territory. This is really significant, because in a world where handcraft beer are growing ever more important, this kind of brewery could lead the way to a new pathway, a pathway of the consciousness that we all come from, and the respect of I; our roots, our territory.

OK, now that we have introduced the Cotta – and told you all these good things – it’s time to “metaphorically drink” their beer. One of their most famous products is the “Cottina,” a blonde beer with a high fermentation; not pasteurized, but refermented in the bottle. This is a very drinkable and “agricultural” tasting beer; tell me the truth, you are thirsty now, yes?!

Another great product is the “Marinera,” a beer with barley, oats, and… marine salt! Yes, in a bottle you can drink all the flavour together with summer memories of the sea.

For the amber ale lovers, “La Cotta” also create an amazing product, the Cottina Amber ale, with a citrus scent and caramel flavours, this beer very drinkable and combinable with different kinds of food, from meat to fish right up to dessert!

Now, the “La Cotta” is a trademark known in Italy for the quality of their products. It’s curious to know that if you really fall in love with them you can open a franchise with their trademark: it’s a way to open your own pub using the experience and the knowhow of Luigi and Francesco. That sounds good, doesn’t it?

If you want to travel and discover the wonderful kind of corner that only Italy can offer to the tourist, you need to literally get lost on the Italian peninsula to uncover the treasure that this country brings. Montefeltro is this kind of place; amazing landscapes, beautiful villages, and lovely food. And if you discover Italy with a good beer in your hand – trust me – I guess it’s even better!


Via Tiziano Vecellio 61028 Mercatale Pesaro e Urbino, Sassocorvaro – ITALY




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