Le Terre di Zoe

The “Essence” of the Earth: fruits from Calabria sun

What is going on? There is a man from Milan and a woman from Calabria that few years ago joined their ambitions to create “Zoe”

What is Zoe? In ancient greek language this world means “essence of life”. What can symbolize more than juicy fruits the “essence of life”? Infact Zoe is a new company born in Calabria created to product and valorize the fruits from this amazing and not too much known south Italy region. 

azienda agricola terre d zoe

Giovanna and Alessandro, the Zoe creators, decided to recover some lands of Giovanna’s family to grow fruit plants in a organic way in 20 hectares spread in the Reggio Calabria area. 

This curious and brave couple has made a lot of street. But they do more. Kiwi, clementine mandarines, olive and Valencia late oranges are only the first step, the “Essence”, because the second one is the production and preparation in specialized laboratories of jam and marmalade with unusual combinations: ginger-lemon-kiwi, Calabrian bergamot-tangerine, licorice-tangerine, chili-tangerine.

terre di zoe calabria

It can be said thet they own the entire production chain: from the ground to the table! This is what we love: a perfect  example of sustainable – and gluttonous- way to product fruit and good food! 

Even more important because it marks a new path for a business idea that can be followed by all new generations that don’t want to leave the South of Italy but prefer to stay and valorize this amazing land of sun, sea and mediterranean flavours. 

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terre di zoe jam


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