Lemon Limoncello

Limoncello Roberto Peveroni

What’s more Italian than a Limoncello?

This liqueur was born at the beginning of 1900 in a little hotel of the Isola Azzurra, where Mrs. Maria Antonia Farace took care of the luxuriant garden of lemons and oranges. Her grandson, during the postwar, opened a restaurant near Axel Munte’s villa.

The specialty of that bar was exactly the lemon liqueur made with the ancient recipe of his grandmother. In 1988, his son Massimo Canale started a little artisanal production of limoncello, and was the first to register the brand «Limoncello».

However, there are other legends that mix around the famous Limoncello. On the Coast, there are people who tell that the big families of Sorrento, at the beginning of 1900, always gave illustrious guests a tasting of limoncello, made following the traditional recipe of the Limoncello of Sorrento.

Someone states that the Limoncello was used by the anglers and the farmers in the morning to fight the cold, already at the time of the invasion of the Saracens. Instead, others believe that the recipe is born inside a monastery to delight the friars during their prayers.

Lemon limoncello Peveroni

This ‘’Limoncello Lemon Limited Edition’’ is a high-quality Limoncello produced only once a year with an amazing packaging by Roberto Peveroni “This is my very own take on an extraordinary liquor. I have put my heart, soul and total respect for the ingredients into it, starting with the lemons – the real ones, the Limone Ovale di Sorrento IGP”.

These lemons are handpicked in the sun-kissed citrus groves of Sant’Agnello, in the Gulf of Sorrento. Only the medium-sized and large ones (weighing at least 330gr), featuring a thick yellow peel, are selected and sent on to Peveroni’s laboratory the same day they’re picked. That is why on the very next day, when they are still so fresh – that’s essential! – Peveroni wash and pat them dry one by one, without rubbing them, so as not to spoil the precious essential oils contained in the peel. These oils are what gives the Limoncello an intense aroma and a very persistent taste.

This Limoncello is the one and only Limoncello with lemon peel that you can eat. eat it, and you will know why these lemons are so special!

Then he add refined beet sugar, spring water, and last but not least, a few leaves from a special plant that grows spontaneously in his father’s garden.

Those are the very special ingredients that make this juice unique.

It takes more more than two kilograms of lemons to produce a bottle of this shiny gold essence with green undertones, and more of six moths to produce this Limoncello.

I sign each bottle because I see my signature as a guarantee of the passion, dedication, care and enthusiasm that I personally put into making this unique product.”

Roberto Peveroni Lemon


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