Here, we are in another wonderful region: Liguria. Sea, mountains, trails, activities, and a thousand other things will make you want to head there as soon as possible. Do not forget to try the delicious local cuisine!


This route connects the two villages of the Cinque Terre, Riomaggiore and Manarola, and is part of the UNESCO heritage. Closed from 2012 to 2015, you can now walk this stunning route and admire its beautiful views. The curious name comes from the number of young couples who started visiting this pathway in the 1930s.


We are in a small, ancient village located in the Val Nervia. It seems to have been transported back in time. Everything has stopped in the Terra district, while on the other side of the river that gives the name to the village, the Borgo, modern life makes its way. Imagine that Monet was so fascinated by this landscape that he depicted it in some of his works.


The province of Savona also offers landscapes that wind between stalactites and stalagmites: they are in the Caves of Toirano. You will find traces of prehistoric man and bones of animals that used them as a refuge. It is a real art form, created by water that, over the millennia, has given life to amazing sculptures in the most varied forms.


This is deservedly on the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Surrounded by the walls of the fortress of San Giovanni, this place has seen a lot of history pass through its alleys. The historic buildings are surrounded by nature and a sea breeze. Alongside the beauty of the place, you will find many adventure activities, such as Archeo trekking, climbing, and paragliding.


The town of the witches is located in Imperia and has 355 inhabitants. This curious name dates back to 1587, when a famine struck the village and witches were blamed for the event. The inquisition began to claim victims, and you will find all the testimonies in the city museum. P.S. don’t miss the scary Halloween party!


Famous mainly for the Christ of the Abyss and for snorkeling, this place actually offers many points of interest. Located in the bay between Camogli and Portofino, it owes its name to the nearby abbey dedicated to San Fruttuoso of Tarragona. Today, it is listed among the assets of the FAI. It is not easily accessible; in fact you have to step away from the road and consider only boat or walking as a way to get there.


Let’s get to the heart of the flavors! The famous fish festival is held every year in the paradise gulf; it has been going for 66 years. Almost everyone knows it or has heard about it, but let’s talk about the protagonist of the party: the pan. 28 tons of stainless steel, four meters in diameter, fry 30,000 fish dishes every day during the festival. Like any Ligurian town, it also offers exceptional buildings with beautiful “trompe l’oeil.”


The mermaids bay welcomes you with beautiful, free beaches, but, above all, with a charming, unique restaurant inside a cave, which will delight you with freshly caught fish dishes in front of your eyes. From your towel on the beach you will see the island of Bergeggi; legend has it that in the past he saved two bishops from persecution by vandals near Jerba. Once they got onto this rock, it started to move, and they arrived safely in Liguria.


If, like me, you love trekking and walking, this is the right place. From the top of Mount Antola, you will see spectacular scenes across to Corsica and the Tuscan archipelago on one side and Mont Blanc and Monviso on the other. From Val Vobbia with its castles, to the upper Val Trebbia with its lakes and river, you will find the perfect place for you!


Like all regions of Italy, Liguria also offers traditional specialties. Starting from the famous Genoese pesto, up to the equally famous focaccia of Recco. But, have you ever tried the fish salami of Alassio, or one of the most typical kinds of pasta such as Corzetti or meat rolls of Tomaselle? Is that a no? Well, all you have to do is go and try it all for yourself!


Patrizia, born in 1992, graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico of Milano. I’ve always loved this world of stories, stories and construction techniques, but what really didn’t convince me was the idea of spending my life between subway trips, fixed schedules, patterns and habit. It was exactly in front of the possibility of having a permanent contract that I decided to leave for America. To do what, you may be wondering? To realize the first of my many dreams: being a cook. And here I am, writing stories of my travels, of the people I met during my transoceanic trips and handing down the recipes of the dishes I taste around the world.

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