Macarena de Castro

Maca de Castro, reinventing Mediterranean cuisine

We are facing one of the best chefs in Spain, with an absolutely personal voice and style. Macarena has a unique vision of Mediterranean cuisine and she’s one of the female chefs awarded with the michelin star


Her kitchen is absolutely contemporary in terms of the conception of the dishes and incredibly personal. Although Maca de Castro is known as “Majorcan” among her colleagues, her family origins are on the peninsula. For this reason, its taste is free to express itself. Macaron stuffed with fried lamb and a pa amb oli are the only two references to traditional Majorcan cuisine to appear in its latest menu.

But all Majorca is on the table. Macarena has been working with farmers, fishermen and butchers for years. With them she has built a network that allows her to cook as she likes, putting each ingredient exactly where she wants. All products are local, with an inflexible seasonality. From the cuttlefish with which he makes the appetizer broth to the toasted seeds that accompany it. Already from the first bites you can discover the elegant roundness of flavors; the weighted nudity of the product; the professional skill necessary to treat it with grace and originality; the incredible culinary intuition that hides this kitchen in which flavor and refinement are transmitted.

We are facing one of the best cooks in Spain, with an absolutely personal voice and style. A solid and determined professional who equally dominates sweet and savory. Desserts range from vegetables to dried fruit. With small beans, it composes a dish impossible to forget: goat cheese pie and soft beans with olive oil and amontillado. Light, greedy, tasty.


Maca de Castro

Carrer dels Tritons, s/n, 07400, Illes Balears, Spain


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