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American gourmet mixes ‘Made in Italy

The artisanal start-up ‘Make and Bake’ founded in Florence, Italy, produces gourmet mixes for American desserts made with high quality Tuscan ingredients. 

Make and Bake launched with three recipes: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate Brownies and Classic Carrot Cake, all developed to make and enjoy artisanal American desserts in just a short amount of time while respecting Italy’s quality standard. Flour cultivate and ground in Tuscany, salt from the fresh waters of Volterra, organic, Fairtrade brown sugar, organic cocoa and dark chocolate produced in Northern Italy. What makes these mixes different is that they were developed to be used as a base to make many other recipes from the same three mixes which are regularly published on Make and Bake’s ​blog​. 

Make and bake recipe

The business was born from both the founder’s shared passion for cooking and love for Italy. “I was born and raised in America but after moving to Italy, I quickly fell in love with the Italian standard for culinary quality but missed the traditional flavours of American desserts”, says Louisa, one of the two co-founders, “I wanted to create a bridge between the two countries, taking the best from each.” It was only natural for Louisa to partner with Gaia, being an Italian native and avid foodie. Gaia is proud of Italy’s culinary reputation and is passionate about the top ‘Made in Italy” quality that her country is known for.  

Principally, the business is designed to bring the tradition of homemade desserts back into our daily lives as they continually become more hectic. The mixes were developed for everyone, from the most experienced baker to the newbie, packaged with precise instructions studied to guarantee great desserts every time. Those who choose to buy ​Make and Bake do so because it mirrors a precise style of life, shaped by very little free time and quality standards, without giving up a desire to enjoy life and learn more.  

Louisa and Gaia have done the hardest part thus far, creating the mixes and putting them in your hands. Now you have all the tools you need to bake artisanal American desserts in just a few minutes. 

They mixed and measured, now you make and bake!

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