This is our DNA. This is what we do. This is all we aim to be

Imagine a wonderful place, filled with all kind of delicacies. Now imagine a road bringing this wonderful place straight to your door. That road is Kaataa.

Creating an online community built on respect, ethics and mutual trust, bringing the new generation of top class food producers, millennial foodies, and food storytellers, closer together. A virtual meeting place that closes distances and offers the opportunity to discover quality products from far-off places through the language of social media.

Kaataa is talking about people who resemble it; those who have the courage and vitality to stand up against conformity; those who face the world from their own private universe, of which they are enthusiastic guardians and dynamic reformers; those who know how recognition and clarity derive from their culture’s graceful strength in the creative clash between tradition and innovation; those that refuse to compromise their own ethical principles and from this starting point go ahead opening up to others, with empathy, sincerity and spontaneity.

Through photos and articles intended for the new generation of food-lovers, we will nurture and narrate the colourful, joyous and vibrant world of food. We will reveal the human creativity and the passion behind each extraordinary product and its territory.

In food writing and marketing copy we constantly find words like tradition and authenticity: we believe this approach to be both culturally and ethically outdated. We will communicate our vision in a clear, direct and profound way, without falling into what is known as “the invention of tradition”.


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