Mistico Speziale

Mistico Speziale. Mystical herbs, from cultivation to bottling

With his herbal medicine degree, land inherited from his grandfather and fascination for cursed poets, Saverio Denti 31 years old from Reggio Emilia, founded with his sister Valentina, his company Mistico Speziale, in 2010. He had the aim of taking distillates, principally gin, from farm to bottle. 

At only 26, he produced medicinal herbs on a plot of land owned by the family and soon after, he built a laboratory in Roncadella, where plants he collected became infusions and distillates. Among these, Gin “Clandestino”, the company’s flagship product, then Amaro and Bitter which come from the same line of products. “The desire to start this business came from my passion and personal interest in the world of spirits and herbs combined with the fact that after graduating in herbal medicine, I could not find a job that satisfied me, that would allow me to transform herbs into a finished product, to extract aromas and their properties … the solution was to create a job tailor-made for me “.


The process of cultural rediscovery is not an easy task, especially if you want to open a distillery. “Bureaucracy is the biggest problem, especially in this field of work, between completing various registers filling these out and sending them electronically, etc. as well as (initially) sourcing suitable distributors for the products and increasing awareness of them.”

All our products are inspired by the prohibition period and are made in the most natural way possible, using herbs mainly grown without pesticides, fertilizers and obviously without added flavouring. Therefore by simply steeping herbs and plants in pure grain based alcohol and spring water, preserving all the plants properties as well as their aromas. Moreover all our liqueurs are “unfiltered”, that is, filtered as little as possible to retain the aromas. Saverio prefers to have a more “raw” but aromatic product rather than a perfectly transparent and tasteless product.

“Our Gin “Clandestino” is intended to be a tribute to the so-called “Bathtub gin”, when gin was produced in secret bars called “Speakeasy”, which served as a cover for clandestine distilleries where makeshift containers were used to mix alcohol and spices. This production method, called “Cold compounding”, leads to a very aromatic, fragrant product with an intense and complex taste, also suitable for pure tasting.”

Gin has many uses, the main one of course is to use it as a cocktail mixer. There are hundreds of cocktails in which gin is the protagonist of the recipe and obviously why not given it’s purity, but especially if it is a very complex aromatic premium gin.


The herb fields of wormwood, lemon balm, hyssop, mint and many other medicinal herbs are adjacent to the laboratory and this reduces the time between harvesting and processing. In this way, it is possible to preserve the aroma and the beneficial properties of the plants throughout the production process. Spices that do not grow on the farm are instead selected at the source, to ensure the highest quality end-product.

From cultivation to bottling, everything is done manually to guarantee a good, healthy and authentic product!

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