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Myriam Sabolla – The Food Sister

Anytime we want to improve a specific aspect of our life, both in our everyday routine or on a long-term goal, there’s plenty of possibilities to rely on a specialist or a coach to help us. In other words, these are professionals who not only have deep knowledge of a certain topic, but are also highly skilled in developing useful strategies and tools for us. There are personal trainers to keep us fit; motivational coaches to keep us ambitious and focused; Marie Kondo to keep our house neat and tidy.

But when it comes to food, the only professionals on the list -or at least, the first ones to be on the tip of the tongue- are nutritionists and dietitians. This is because sometimes we tend to undervalue the holistic essence of food, meaning the pervasiveness of food in our everyday life and our systems. One of the direct consequences of such a misconception is to limit to nutrition the complex relationship between food and us. 

What we eat is just as important as how we eat. And cook. And shop. And store. It only takes to look beyond the plate and acknowledge that there are many other actions involved in what it seems to be only eating: it takes cooking, creating a dish, planning a meal, buying the right ingredients, storing them accordingly. This list might never end. 

So who is the superhero who will save you from tasteless dishes, wasted food and pantry full of chips? Does he/she even exist?

The answer is: yes. And her name is The Food Sister.

Myriam Sabolla, aka The Food Sister, is a food coach focusing on natural cooking. After 10 years working as a freelance in food communication, she had one of the greatest life-changing experiences: a baby. Her little girl made her think about her job and her dreams under a new light. As a result of a sabbatical year dedicated to improving her skills and learning new ones, she crafted from scratch a new professional role: the food coach.

So what does a food coach do?

Basically, she assists you in everything it takes to serve food at home. She:
-helps you with the grocery list; 

-turns your pantry into a functional and tidy storage (and yes, there’s a little bit of Marie Kondo in here);

-sets a full weekly schedule for your meals; 

-provides healthy and tasty recipes according to your taste, needs and diet; 

-teaches you how to do weekly-preps as well as express meals. 

Overall, she teaches you how to enjoy food at every single step. Because cooking and eating are such an essential part of our life, it really takes to think about them and live them as mindful experiences. The best is to book Myriam for a live consultancy, so to have live classes at the supermarket, in the kitchen and at the table. But she’s also available for distance consultancies with regular check ups and classes on Skype. Being a food expert based in Milan, she also offers food tours in what it’s considered to be the most vibrant Italian city with a lively and thriving food culture. From green tours for vegetarians and vegan to tours dedicated to the sacred ritual of Aperitivo, Myriam takes you on a stroll around Milan touching the best hotspots for food and drinks. 

Food is a joyful experience to live, share and enjoy. It has such a strong impact on our lives that cannot be underestimated. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by cooking, disappointed for your unsatisfying meals, too lazy or bored to shop your grocery, remember: there will always be a Food Sister ready to help you. 


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