Nocciola Golosa

Nocciola Golosa, delicious sweetness from Piedmont

There is a company that we all should say it’s the daughter of the italian region of Piedmont. Not everybody knows that in this region there are a lot of excellences: from the good food to the amazing wines until important international companies as Ferrero or Fiat.  

Fiat is one of the biggest italian automotive industry born in the last century that gave to after second world war a huge boost to the development and the growth of italian economy. Well, our history begin just in the Fiat’s assembly line. In fact in this industry worked the protagonist of this story: Valentina Acquotti. She was a logistic engineer in the automotive industry line but one day she got tired of her job and decided to dedicate her energy to another Piedmont excellence: the good food, in particular one of the most famous product of this region, the hazelnuts. She founded in fact “Nocciola Golosa” that means “greedy hazelnut”, a farm with 20 hectares cultivated with a variety of hazelnut called “Tonda Gentile Trilobata”. She came back to her roots, to her family fields to valorize this amazing dried fruit from the three to the mouth of the customers. Three years ago she wasn’t satisfied and she decided to increase her effort to reach more customers: that’s why she began to produce in her company different kind of creams and desserts made by hazelnuts. Obviously the creams are their “piece de resistance”: you can find 62% of hazelnuts cream with chocolate or dark chocolate – terribly greedy – but Valentina pushed her passion in the world of the dessert using her hazelnuts to create  amazing cakes, bon bon made with chocolate and the famous Piedmont biscuits called “Baci di dama” or translated in english  “Lady kisses”. Just in the earth of Langhe, the region of Piedmont where Nocciola Golsa is located, Valentina brought her engineeristic mind to create something linked to the ground and to the flavours and aroma of her land: it has been a courageous choice but it seems that Valentina’s idea has found her path, her right way to let the world knows about Piedmont hazelnuts.

We should say she is a “micro-producer”, a very very little treasure just in the earth of hazelnuts territory. She purchased all the machinery and the necessary by herself  to cultivate and to produce like a little independent farmer. We could say: little laboratory, amazing flavours and high quality products. Sometimes you don’t need a big factory to produce a high quality excellence.

As George Bernard Shaw said “The good things of the life are immoral, are illegal or….make you fat!”. We of Kaataa are proudly happy to get fat after tasting the fabulous products of Valentina!


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