Paolo Nenci

Paolo Nenci, a “digital dreamer farmer”

Take some time to learn the story of this gentle Tuscan boy and how he became the “digital farmer”


When we were little children it was nice to play in the fields, jumping in the hay, stealing the fruits by climbing on the threes. Staying on the countryside was so nice that was common that a child could say “Dear Dad, when I’ll grow up I wanna be a countryman and I want to have a farm”. Usually the dad’s answer was “Oh my son, working in a farm it’s a very hard job: rainy, sunny, windy weather, it doesn’t matter, you have to work anyway in any case” and the child soon got sad. 

There is a child – that now grow up – that decided to keep on dreaming and not to be discouraged by creating a new way to be a farmer: we are talking about the “digital farmer” Paolo Nenci. He inherited the passion for the wine from the family, in particular from his grandfather, who worked on his vineyard for his self-reliance. By selling his wine Paolo’s grandfather invested all his gains in the family winery. Paolo then had the intuition to develop the grandfather’s winery. At the beginning he had to “fight” against his father and his mother because they disagreed Paolo’s new way to see a winery but, after some years, they trusted him.

First of all Paolo created a personal brand in the social medias called “Paolo Nenci” and he became a wine-influencer: he became the first influencer of his own company, the first digital farmer! Using the social medias he transposed the work from the fields and vineyard to the tablet or pc. He cultivated not only the grapes but also “Instagram”, “Facebook” and other social media strategies. Now, if you want to make a full immersion into the wine production chain just contact Paolo Nenci’s company and he’ll be glad to make for you a personal tour in his winery to feel and to taste his wine you knew before just on your smartphone. This is what he calls “wine experience: don’t drink only wine, live it!”.

Paolo Nenci seems not be satisfied. That’s why he created also “The Programm”. Yes, this project it’s a new creation of Paolo with the purpose of join together people with new ideas, new project, new dream about companies, agriculture and wine, obviously. Finally he created “Farmers”, a community born to be a trait d’union between farmers and workers of the agricultural sector. The child who wanted to be a farmer could smile if only could hear the history of Paolo and should keep on dreaming!


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I am Yuri, a 29 years old guy from italy. I have the strangest cv in the world. I am graduated in Law and I worked as a journalist in a tv channel focused on food and gastronomy.
Some years ago I decided to follow my heart and…my stomach!

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