Podere Delle Selve

Rimini is on the sea, but also on a hillside. From the hills comes an amazing wine: the Podere Delle Selve Sangiovese, Rebola and Cabernet!


When you say Rimini the first things you think of are the sea, beaches, Fellini movies, big noisy nightlife, and amazing food. Rimini is culture, it is amazing architectural treasures and, if you don’t just look at the sea but turn your head to glance behind you, you’ll discover a beautiful landscape in Rimini’s hills. The Republics of San Marino, Verucchio, and San Leo are just some of the little medieval villages that are in the middle of rivers, green hills, olive groves, orchards, and vineyards. Kaataa wants to take you there today to discover the Podere Delle Selve winery.

Just in front of the sea is a paradise where a family decided, some years ago, to build their dream. They left their jobs and with passion, love, and determination began to create a winery with two important guidelines: a biological way of cultivating grapevines and the rediscovery of native grape varieties.

Podere Delle Selve is a team affair, a melting pot of young – and some less young- wine lovers that, since 2011, have dedicated their hearts and their minds to making Rimini’s hillsides an ideal nursery for amazing wines.

Their jobs are focused on Sangiovese and Rebola, a kind of Grechetto/Pignoletto wine which is very common and with an old tradition in the hills of Rimini. They also have an old cabernet vineyard which is very interesting for that territory. Rimini’s hillsides are very warm, more so than other areas of Romagna. They are just in front the sea, next to the Marche region. That’s why sangiovese and cabernet receive a lot of influences and a “magic touch” thanks to the position of Rimini that makes the wines warmer, full of flavors, and more aromatic. Podere Delle Selve really believe in the wine of the territory, so they decided, some years ago, to produce native rebola and metodo classico sparkling wine. They are innovative and creative, are they not?

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They have a project: to enhance Rimini’s hills with the products they make. This area is also optimal for olive tree cultivation.That’s why, if you go to drink a glass of wine in Podere Delle Selve, you must not forget to bring a slice of bread with you because you need to try their olive oil! Yes, in this paradise-like corner of Romagna you can really understand how the Po Valley comes to an end to leave the place to the Mediterranean climate. You can understand the incredible biodiversity of Italy and how this amazing country changes views, plants, cultivation, recipes, and flavors in just a 100-kilometer drive. You can say Podere Delle Selve is a gate, a sliding door from one climate to another… And to another glass of wine!

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Via delle Selve, 11, Rimini, Italy




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