Davide Vignato Collection

Davide Vignato winery

Volcanic territories, indigenous vines, history, tradition, innovation. this is the Davide Vignato winery. High quality productions in Gambellara: one of the most unique and particular wine areas in Italy.

Don’t miss the chance to take home these unique, completely organic wines, free from herbicide and chemical products.

Vines that have their roots planted deep among minerals and basaltic dark rocks, in a fertile soil cultivated with natural techniques using green manure and organic substances.

A selection of are sapid and elegant wines, complex and fine. In short words… something you can’t miss!

This box includes:

2 bottles of Gian Gambellara DOC 2018
2 bottles of Col Moenia Gambellara DOC 2018
1 bottle of Primo Incontro 2018
1 bottle of Cul d’Oro Recioto di Gambellara 2011

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Gian Gambellara DOC

Garganega is the indigenous grape variety from Gambellara area. El Gian is made using exclusively these grapes, which grow on the volcanic soils of the hills above Gambellara. The average age of the vines is 25 years. In order to keep the grapes whole, the harvest is manual and the grapes are brought to the winery using crates. The wine is left in stainless steel tanks unitl the end of its maturation, which occurs by the end of Spring. El Gian has a delicate bouquet, with fruity and floral aromas. In the mouth you discover the volcanic soil: salty and mineral. A young and fresh wine, perfect for everyday meal, as the peasant traditions teach.

Designation of origin: Gambellara DOC Classico

Grape Variety: Garganega 100%

Col Moenia Gambellara DOC

Gambellara Col Moenia Doc is entirely produced with Garganega grapes. The best grapes are harvested manually by mid October and are brought to the winery using crates. The wine matures with its own yeasts in stainless steel tanks, and periodically I do a battonage. Since vintage 2011 the fermentation occurs spontaneously with winery yeasts and without adding sulphur. This product has a good body but it is still delicate, with a good balance between acid and softness. Col Moenia is the authentic expression of my grapes.

Designation of origin: Gambellara DOC Classico

Grape Variety: Garganega 100%

Primo Incontro

Garganega from Gambellara, its indigenous yeasts, no sulphur addition: Primo Incontro is a hymn to the most authentic territory and to conviviality. This wine is born from 25 years old vineyards located in the hills of the subarea Monti di Mezzo and Faldeo: after a first fermentation with indigenous yeasts, Recioto di Gambellara wine must is added for the second refermentation in the bottle. A young, fizzy, direct and daily wine. Perfect for the aperitif, for a break with friends or during the meals as an ideal pairing with less structured dishes.

Designation of origin: Veneto Igt Sparkling Garganega

Grape Variety: Garganega 100%

Cul d'Oro Recioto di Gambellara

A sweet wine made exclusively with Garganega grapes. The name of the wine refers to the place in which you can find the vineyard. This area is named “Cul d’Oro” because of the shape of the soil and the colour of the ripen grapes. The average age of the vines is 25 years. The selection of the grapes is made by hand and only the best bunches arrive to the winery. Cul d’Oro dries on the “picai” and ages in barriques. The colour of the wine recalls gold and we can smell ripen fruit. It is soft and balanced with almond aftertaste. It is fresh.

Designation of origin: Recioto di Gambellara DOCG Classico

Grape Variety: Garganega 100%