Ristoro Mucciante

Campo Imperatore

Ristoro Mucciante – Arrosticini in the middle of nowhere

When  you ask to someone “What do you like of Italy?” Everybody says Rome, Tuscany or Sicily.  But there is a land made of mountains and sea, made of wood, stone and water. This land is called Abruzzo, a region in the middle of Italy green as its mountains, blue like the Adriatic waters and red as…. its meat! Yes, meat, because Abruzzo is famous for amazing landscapes and sheep breedings perfect for Pecorino cheese and meat. Now I’d like to bring you to an unknown corner of Abruzzo called “The Little Tibet“: Campo Imperatore, a stunning upland just beside Gran Sasso, the highest mountain in the middle Italy (2912 metres above sea).   Here, in the middle of nowhere, you can find the red colour of what I said before: the meat. It’s not an anonymous meat, we are talking about  “arrosticini”, sheep skewers cooked on a grill. Infact in Campo Imperatore there is an historic butcher’s shop where you can do a real “zero kilometres” food experience: Mucciante.

Mucciante Gran Sasso Campo Imperatore

They breed the animals just beside the shop, they slaughter them, they sell them and….. you can cook them out of the shop, on special barbecues that can be used by anyone!!  A place far from everything, immersed in a lush nature, with a unique setting in Europe and placed on a beautiful road, classified by the planet Lonely among the best road trips in Italy. Perhaps this is why Mucciante is a meeting point for many European motorcyclists, a secret place where they meet to eat good meat and let the two wheels run along wonderful curves between fabulous landscapes. Wild horses, grasslands, stunning mountains and delicious arrosticini: do you really need anything else?

Ristoro Mucciante


Loc. Fonte Vetica, 67023 Castel del Monte AQ


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Yuri Bianchi

I am Yuri, a 29 years old guy from italy. I have the strangest cv in the world. I am graduated in Law and I worked as a  journalist in a tv channel focused on food and gastronomy. Some years ago I decide to follow my heart  and…my stomach! Now I am trying my best to become a professional cook. Maybe one day I’ll be a chef, nobody knows! The famous Rock band Ac/Dc says ” its a long way to the top if you  wanna rock’n’roll! “. I have my weapons: curiousity and creativity. I’ ve got to use them well.




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