RoadTrip#1 -Bindi Sergardi Winery

Last Stop: Bindi Sergardi Winery

The RoadTrip#1 of Andrea Zigrossi and Gilbert Bages to discover the new Italian winemaking realities has come to its conclusion with this last stage.


The Grand Finale is in the cradle of Italian wine, in Tuscany, in the province of Siena at the Bindi Sergardi winery, in the heart of the Chianti region, the most famous wine area in the world.

The Bindi Sergardi family is the “Italian Wine Family”, since 1349, for over twenty generations, they have been carrying on the activity of winemakers. Alessandra currently manages the family’s estates. Thanks to her tenacity and her courageous choices, the company has experimented with a new concept of wine cellar, applying science and research to quality service. Boldness, integrity and authenticity drive high quality production and are the creed that Alessandra transmits to the company.

“It is impossible not to breathe the history of this winery – tells Andrea – every single aspect, from the cellar to the vineyards exudes history, it is stunning!”

The company today is divided into three main plots scattered in the Sienese countryside: Tenuta i Colli, Tenuta Mocenni and Tenuta Marcianella, where Chianti is produced almost entirely, in large quantities but which go hand in hand with high quality. There are ten Chianti wines produced and they are pure expression of the territory “They are the best Chianti wines I have ever tasted – exclaims Andrea – I never drank anything from this company before and you can’t imagine how sorry I am to have lost all this time!”

“They were extremely hospitable, we participated in a tasting under the stars and it was a beautiful experience”. The winery often organizes events throughout the year: guided tours, wine tastings in combination with local products and more to fully appreciate a piece of history of the Italian wine making


The journey ends here, we just have to thank Andrea and Gilbert for giving us the opportunity to follow them on this crazy journey through the Italian regions! See you at the next trip!

Photo by Gilbert Bages
Photo by Gilbert Bages


Strada Comunale di Mocenni, 35 – 53019 Vagliagli (Siena)


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