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A Family love affair at “Le Melette”

An under 30 team composed by siblings Edoardo and Veronica Fasolato and their partners Angelica Barcarolo and Paolo Visentin gives new life to an old chalet at Le Melette’s ski area.

A strong tradition inherited from Michelin-starred dad Corrado combined with a strong love for nature and its gifts as well as a huge dose of energy and funny vibes are the main ingredients of a surprising recipe that all Asiago plateau lovers were waiting for. Welcome to Sport&Gourmet!

After a long period of inactivity Le Melette ski area has finally seen the light again last December.

The new life of this amazing place doesn’t start only from modern ski implants and all the services that mountain’s lovers dream of.. there is an adorable chalet that will steal many hearts.. and fill even more bellies!

This wonderful typical house has now a warm, minimal and a little bit hipster look and is the kingdom of four enthusiast and strong young guys that have chosen to put nature before everything else.

Edoardo, Veronica, Paolo and Angelica started their career as restaurant managers from a moment that could have changed Le Melette’s destiny forever: a terrible tempest that cut down more than 300.000 trees at the end of 2018. Those dead abets have been transformed in the eco-friendly dishes where the chefs serve their zero-miles specialities.

This love and attention for nature is also the most important component of the menu created by Edoardo and Paolo and served to the guests by Veronica and Angelica, together with their humour and smiles.

As young people, they tried to offer a good quality-price ratio as well as a creative touch in their proposals and they have also focused on building a confidential and friendly relationship with their clients.

They also know that mountain lovers want to disconnect from everything else and feel the essence of the place where they are, in all its aspects. That’s why our brave and original hosts have decided to literally put pieces of local woods in their specialities, that are a real tribute to nature.

The chefs have been strucked by local herbs, used by their grandparents and surrounded by old traditions and shamanic legends and decided to valorize this antique knowledge, conferring to these precious raw materials a new and stronger importance.

Some examples? Dessert made by larch’s bark and raspberries picked in the woods just behind the chalet and roast beef with pine’s ricotta cheese.

Tradition and innovation dances together in a menu that offers burgers, sandwiches and vegan delicacies as well as typical mountain specialities such as canederli, Asiago cheese and a wide range of meat dishes.

These fab four certainly give you a good reason for an escape in their stunning mountains so now the only thing you need is a good reason for eating the whole delicious menu.. you’d better ski hard!






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