Emilia Romagna

10 STAGES IN EMILIA ROMAGNA Emilia Romagna is one of those regions that offers you so many opportunities it is hard to choose the best. We do not underestimate the fact that the Italian culinary tradition has its roots here. So, here is some general information about the things that have particularly struck me. #1 [...]


10 STAGES IN LIGURIA Here, we are in another wonderful region: Liguria. Sea, mountains, trails, activities, and a thousand other things will make you want to head there as soon as possible. Do not forget to try the delicious local cuisine! #1 - PATH OF LOVE This route connects the two villages of the Cinque [...]

St. Urban

St. Urban distillery: drinking in the mountains! Apple, berries, apricots and other fruits are the ingredients of the alcoholic drink from a distillery based near the beautiful city of Bolzen. Let’s drink something together! Leimgruber Erwin is a family from Bolzen - a wonderful city surrounded by the mountains in the north-east of Italy. In [...]