What to eat in Barcelona – Churros

Barcelona, Churros! Churros are a deep fried dough most associated with a steaming cup of thick Spanish hot chocolate. However, it is more typically enjoyed as a breakfast here with a glass of café con leche. The hot chocolate comes later in the day when the churros are enjoyed as a merienda (a small snack [...]

What to eat in Barcelona – Vermouth

The Vermouth at Morro Fi - Barcelona "Fem el vermut?" This is a question you will be asked frequently in Barcelona. Vermouth is a fortified wine that starts life out as a white wine, to which brandy is added along with all manner of flavourings. The exact combination is the closely guarded secret of each [...]

What to eat in Barcelona – Conservas

Conservas by Quimet & Quimet - Barcelona Ask most people what they think of canned food and it's clear that it is not held in high esteem, associated more with eating on a budget. Not so in Barcelona, canned food is a luxury item. You read that right. They are called conservas and encompass everything [...]

What to eat in Barcellona – The Bikini Sandwich

The Bikini at Gula Bar - Barcelona The bikini sandwich is up there with croquetas and patatas bravas as must order dishes when visiting Barcelona. Traditionally, a slice of cheese and ham are sandwiched between two slices of industrially baked square white bread, grilled, then sliced in half from corner to corner leaving what looks [...]