La Cotta

“La Cotta” brewery: hills, forest, and agriculture in a bottle   In a world of mass production and extensive agriculture, two friends decided to create a beer using the barley from their territory: the Montefeltro’s brewery “La Cotta.” Raffaello Sanzio and Piero Della Francesca are the two significant names of the “Renaissance of the City [...]

Birra del Gargano

Birra del Gargano. Il birrificio gipsy della lussureggiante penisola del Gargano. Puglia, Italia. Birra del Gargano è un progetto birrario gitano ispirato dalla penisola del Gargano e dai suoi agrumi conosciuti in tutto il mondo, dai cereali locali, dai fiori e dalle spezie.   Ogni birra è unica e nasce dalla collaborazione tra tre diversi [...]

Val Rendena Brewery

Val Rendena Brewery, Claudio and Paolo craftsmen by tradition In the Trentino valleys, in particular those not fit for growing vines to produce wine, in the past the tradition of beer production was very widespread, especially at household level, also aimed at integrating the often poor family economy, in order to recover this ancient tradition. [...]