Modigliana, mandorlato al cioccolato. Un dolce tradizionale da un'antica ricetta segreta. Il Mandorlato al cioccolato di Modigliana è un dolce tradizionale al cioccolato e mandorle di Modigliana, un piccolo paese in provincia di Forlì-Cesena, in Emilia Romagna. L'antica ricetta è sempre stata un segreto, è stata tramandata oralmente di generazione in generazione. .   Documenti [...]

Strawberry Vegan Cake

Here you are an amazing vegan cake ready for any time you'd like to add some sweetness to your life! There are few things I can't renounce in my life. One of these is to wake up and have a big slice (or maybe two!) of a fluffy and soft cake together with my cup [...]

Vegan Pannacotta

Pannacotta is a classic of world pastry. This version is new, vegan and so yummy! Being a chef I’ve noticed there are two types of people when it comes to desserts: the ones who prefer chocolate and the ones who would go for vanilla-creamy flavors instead. I’m among the second ones. I would literally just [...]

What to eat in Prishtina – Matisse chocolate boutique

A delicious cure for a bad day “Fondue” - Matisse, Prishtina Sometimes it can be difficult to pin down a place of where to find a fad food or drink, like Irish coffee or the Krispy Kreme doughnuts. So it's a pleasure, when someone asks "Where to eat a chocolate Fondue in town?", to be [...]

Chocolate and Raspberry cake

This delicious vegan cake is a yummy and easy way to seduce your friends. For 2 small cakes WHAT YOU NEED 150 gr oat flakes flour 50 gr almonds flour 30 + 15  ml maple syrup 30 + 15  ml coconut oil 6 dates, pitted and soaked 1 + 1 pc salt 100 gr chopped chocolate 100 [...]

Chocolate vegan cream

An unresistible supertasty cream and you don’t even have to feel guilty! WHAT YOU NEED 100 gr dark chocolate 50 gr  hazelnuts 100 gr oat milk 120 gr rice malt 1 tbsp sunflower oil WHAT TO DO Blend with a good blender the hazelnuts with dark chocolate. Add a pinch of vanilla powder, hot oat [...]