HochgruberHof: a long, hard name for a good and natural cheese! Pinzgau native cows produce excellent milk for excellent cheese. Let’s drive to Sud Tirol to taste some of their products!   HochgruberHof is a long and complicated name, and maybe, for those who don’t live in Sud Tirol, it sounds strong and hard. But [...]

Tempi di Recupero Week

Tempi di Recupero Week A week to say what we care about all together. A week of conviviality, sustainability and taste. A week to feel part of a global network with the same goal: leftover food recovery.   All this, and much more, the Tempi di Recupero Week project that took shape in autumn 2019 [...]

Kase Festival 2021

50 shades of cheese … and even more! Enjoy them all at the Kase Festival Mature, fresh, soft, smoked… every two years the stunning village of Campo Tures in Alto Adige celebrates the ultimate comfort food. Here, in the beautiful setting of Alps, cheese is more than a typical product, it’s part of the local [...]

Santa Rita

Santa Rita Bio Dairy: the goldsmith of parmesan On a hillside in Modena, there is a farm that produces only 14 blocks of parmesan every single day, more quality, for less quantity. Let’s discover this amazing producer together!   We all know there is a world-famous cheese made in Italy. We all know that in [...]

Perini in Florence

Perini at the Central Market of Florence, Italy It is easy to get lost in the Central Market of Florence, Italy, but if you hug the perimeter of the ground floor level and resist all distractions, you will eventually find yourself in front of Perini. Surrounded by baskets of sunflowers and cascades of ivy, with [...]

Caseificio Marghine

Pecorino cheese, the tasty heart of Sardinia meadows There are some foods that exceed the normality that crosses the concept of “feeding” landing to the poetry, to the art, to the history. For example, if you eat oysters, you are not only eating a clam, you are diving in the Normandy sea, getting lost in [...]