Vegan Sushi Sandwich

These Onigirazu Sandwiches are damn good, fresh and tasty! Onigirazu, this is how it's called a sushi burger (or sandwich). Layered between nori and rice you can be as creative as you like and use any fillings you prefer. Avocado, sweet and sour tempeh, sprouts, tofu, are all great vegan ingredients you can use. They… Read More

Matcha Marshmallow Bites

These Vegan Marshmallows are amazing healthy snacks to make every kid happy I do love that kind of fluffy and cloud-like texture! I still remember when I was a kid and used to buy lots of candies at the end of the day spent at the amusement park. Million coloured marshmallows all over the shop… Read More

Nuts & Seeds bread

This bread has all the beneficial properties you need to be ready for the Autumn The fall is coming and it's time to adapt to the natural rhythm of nature. It is During this time of the year that I start to introduce in my diet seasonal products such as seeds and nuts. First of… Read More

Energy Bliss Bliss

These energy balls will give your the right boost to rock through the day Bliss balls are a simple treat that pack a mighty health punch. These pick-me-ups are a concentrate of whole, raw ingredients processed together and then rolled into a ball that you can bring anywhere and eat any time!  They really are… Read More

Fruit Popsicles

Pannacotta is a classic of world pastry. This version is new, vegan and so yummy! There’s nothing like enjoying homemade fruit popsicles on a hot day! While store-bought ones contain high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors all my popsicle recipes are 100 calories or less and made with only natural sweeteners and ingredients! Actually… Read More

Banana Candy Pops

Banana Pops, a Raw Chocolate Experience! I got to experience the hidden power of cacao back in Thailand and Bali. It was a beautiful experience and I suggest everyone to get to meet its bright spirit at least once during lifetyme. During a ceremony, held by a shaman or someone who's able to hold the… Read More