Terra Argillosa Winery

Terra Argillosa Winery. Cultivating traditions

They want to make a noble wine that respects the environment, but not only this, they want to forge strong ties with those who live and work in their region. They want to rediscover the traditions and economy of the countryside, consider the traditional values shared by their grandparents, to build a better future.


Only in this way is it possible to fully understand the Terra Argillosa project, a vineyard in Offida, in the south Marche region. On the Piceno hills, in the province of Ascoli, viticulture has been present since Roman times: rolling hills caressed by the wind of the Adriatic sea, lands rich in clay, an ideal terroir for producing quality wines. Here Raffaele and Sara have planted the roots of their vineyards and their life together.

Six hectares, nine vines, four cultivators, a vegetable garden, thirty-five hens and more than ten years of experience. But the beauty of this small existence goes beyond the numbers. It is a constant and daily dialogue with nature, the true protagonist of every wine, from the Pecorino “Aurai” to the Incrocio Bruni “B54” up to the Offida Rosso “Baccofino”, to the blends “Fatjà”, “Confusion” and “Thalia”, along with international reds Syrah, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc.

The choice to farm organically, knowing the correct timings in the vineyard and in the cellar and the continuous desire to learn new and traditional methods, is part of their daily routine. And they deliver wines with profound stories as diverse as the seasons and the hopes and expectations they were cultivated from. 

They are communal wines, to be shared, to be enjoyed at the table accompanied with cuisine rich in country and life’s flavours.

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